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The Power of Open in Science

This is a presentation I gave in the Chevening Forum 2010 about the power of open in science. It was structured as a call for action to scientists and researchers in general, to promote collaboration, open data and a new way of understanding the creation, diffusion and transfer of knowledge.

Knowledge Management Oxymoron’s, Introducing Human Factors to Bring Theory to Practice

Abstract: This paper explores the issues surrounding knowledge management (KM) implementations, having particular focus on the integration of human factors into the practice of KM. The hypothesis is that KM fails to deliver its full potential to businesses because of an excessive reliance on technical information tools and little recognition […]

Product Design and Development 2.0 Applied C-K theory [to innovate in a digital age]

The purpose of this paper is to discuss some applied implications of the Concept-Knowledge Theory (C-K Theory) introduced by Armand Hatchuel and Benoît Weil in their 2003 paper. This analysis is required because in a new information age; where powerful IT tools provide the means to work in multiuser collaborative virtual spaces, and where advanced automated semantical indexing engines allow the knowledge to be more readily available than ever, the implications for a design theory of these characteristics is deep since the concepts as well as the knowledge can be accelerated and reinforced. But this can only happens if the right tools are applied understanding the nature of the underling process that dominates creativity and innovation in human endeavours.

Some of the tools and theories that will be explored here to understand the potential links and interactions with C-K theory are: Web 2.0 collaboration tools, computer supported cooperative work (CSCW), knowledge management and Henry W Chesbrough´s Open Innovation model.

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