Technology and Knowledge Transfer Under the Open Innovation Paradigm

Papers September 13, 2010 10:07 pm

This post is the first of a series of articles that will come based on my dissertation “Technology and Knowledge Transfer Under the Open Innovation Paradigm”. Here I leave you with the abstract, a presentation that provides a quick overview about my research and the full document in PDF and Issuu. Feel free to send your comments and feedbacks, they are greatly appreciated!.


This work explores the issues and possibilities that technology and knowledge transfer faces under the open innovation paradigm. As a result of the research, some traditional models have been updated to consider relevant academic and technical developments from the last 10 years.

C-K design theory, TRIZ and information technologies have been explicitly integrated to model and understand collaboration-based innovation, and a concrete tool has been proposed to help with one of the biggest issues that has been identified; the discovery and matching of relevant knowledge to solve specific industrial needs.

The main findings indicate that with a revision of the current methodologies and the appropriate information management systems, it is possible to overcome part of the inefficiencies of uncoordinated and parallel process of technology push and pull, thus improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the resources invested in R&D and T&K transfer.

[issuu backgroundcolor=FFFFFF showflipbtn=true documentid=101105102329-3d3a7c914ca348e5a52da51f76fbc3e1 docname=dissertation username=parraguezr loadinginfotext=Technology%20%26%20Knowledge%20Transfer%20Under%20the%20Open%20Innovation%20Paradigm showhtmllink=true tag=triz width=600 height=425 unit=px]

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Download PDF

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