Towards describing co-design by the integration of Engineering Design and Technology and Innovation Management

Conference,Papers August 24, 2012 12:51 pm

Last August the 22nd I presented this paper at the conference NordDesign 2012 in Aalborg. It was a great experience and my first academic conference on Engineering Design in the context of my PhD. The idea of this paper was to have the opportunity to explore more in depth the co-design practice and theory combining ideas from the fields of Engineering Design and Innovation and Technology Management. I hope this paper can help those trying to understand  co-design, challenge that is not to be underestimated considering that there is still no clear definition or boundaries for what this concept involves (and what does not).

Below you can find the abstract, the presentation in Prezi format and the PDF with the in-press version of the paper. All comments, ideas or questions as always are very welcome.


The purpose of this paper is to provide an overview of the available literature concerning the understanding and improvement of co-design processes. The most pertinent aspects of such processes are presented through an interdisciplinary analysis incorporating contributions from literature in the fields of Engineering Design (ED) and Technology and Innovation Management (TIM). Interactions between design and third parties in a range of co-design situations are examined via a targeted literature review, and a map is developed containing a network of keywords. As a result of this review, key aspects from the literature are summarised and connected through an initial framework characterising, the what, when, who, how and why of co-design. The research motivation arises from the Danish Industry Complex Cleantech Solutions initiative and its need for a conceptual background that integrates the multiple perspectives addressing co-design.


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