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Barcamp: What sustainable development means, what can we do from our positions?

This report was sent by the session leader Hovhannes Stepanyan from Armenia, Cardiff University

The discussions started from the general principles of sustainable development, particularly dealing with its social, economic and environmental aspects. Considerable attention was paid to the Social and Corporate Responsibilities (SCR) of the companies and there were two basic views:

  1. SCR is  a mandatory for the company and in certain cases it is considered as an additional burden and expenses, which doesn’t contribute to the profit generation
  2. SCR is an aspect of the company’s marketability and being sustainable can lead towards more conscious usage of the scare resources and elimination of waste, which can increase the company’s profit, strengthen its reputation and improve operations in general.

It was also mentioned that nowadays the supply chains are being extended globally and this further enhances the need for environmentally conscious solutions. The sustainable development is the responsibility of today’s society in front of future generations and it should be enhanced by innovations and technological progress. This will enable to increase efficiency and eliminate waste, thus reaching to the sustainable development throughout the full cycle.

During the meeting the discussions were made more interesting through the criticism of various approaches and concepts, in particular a question was put on the table regarding to the point of “what will happen next if the resources are used and finished through all recycling processes?”

It was agreed that two major concepts of the sustainable development exist one of which is based on the consciousness of the individual human being, while the other sees its basic target the society and various sectors of the economy. In this framework it was noted that in many cases being “green” means being more profitable and socially responsible.

The overall trend of the discussion was that the vast majority of the participants agreed that sustainable development is an important topic, however enormous research and practical evidences are needed in order to obtain tangible results in this field.


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